Question: How does Road Warrior Plus protect my car from rock chips, and will I get more protection if I add additional coats?

Answer: Yes, RWP dries and forms a clear, flexible film that acts as a barrier. We recommend two coats to protect against smaller particles like sand or small pebbles. The more coats you apply, the more protection you can expect. Keep in mind RWP will not protect against large objects, or collisions.

Question: Since Road Warrior Plus is a water based solution, will it come off in the rain?

Answer: If cured properly, rain will have little to no affect on RWP.

Question: How long is the curing time?

Answer: Cure time will depend on the temperature and humidity. On a cool, cloudy, wet day, say 13 degrees out, you need to increase the temperature of a fresh coat to approximately 50 degrees. This can be achieved with a standard blow dryer, heat gun, or infrared heat. On a sunny day say 21 degrees, park your vehicle in the sun, and allow the surface to absorb the heat. Apply RWP, and within minutes it will dry and the adhesive will cross over to the surface. If your taking a trip, and anticipate rainy conditions, applying RWP the night before you leave, in your cool garage, without heating the surface and material, will result in potential product failure.

Question: What are the downsides to applying too thin of a coat?

Answer: The only downside is the product will not peal off in one sheet. More than likely you will have to power wash off the thin coat.

Question: If I wanted to use a HVLP spray gun, what tip size would you recommend?

Answer: We recommend using a tip size of 1.7.

Question: Do I have to buy this product online and pay for postage?

Answer: No, You can also purchase this product at our office 203/441 Docklands Drive, Docklands 3008 (across the road from Laura Ashley) or pop into Healey Factory 646 Whitehorse Rd, Mitcham VIC 3132.

Question: Are you affiliated with Road Warrior?

Answer: Not the movie, we are a franchise of the American company and we are based in Melbourne VIC Australia.

Contact us on 03 9600 3392 or visit us at 203/441 Docklands Drive, Docklands (across the road from Laura Ashley)